The knives are made out of 3.5 mm thick stainless steel. The steel consists of a single piece and the balance of carbon and chromium provides a corrosion resistance and long sharpness. The handle is made of exclusive black / brown Micarta, a material that resembles wood but is better suited for the kitchen environment. Micarta is produced by pressing linen cloth and a special plastic together under high temperature. The result is a hard, water -resistant, hygienic material. Compared to wood, which is a living material that expands with moisture and has a high tendency to attract germs, Micarta is unmistakably better when it comes to matters of hygiene and sustainability. Each knife has an exclusively designed brass jewelry with an associated quote, which means that the unique and distinctive design of these knives extend far from what we are used to seeing in the modern kitchen. Anarchy Knives is a line of quality knives where steel and brass are in symbiosis, a fusion that in time offers a beautiful patina.


The idea behind Anarchy Knives was born
out of a need. A need to stand out. 



I was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. As a third generation of chef’s, I received all my training from my father in the kitchen of the family restaurants.

After 15 years working as a chef, and running two Italian restaurants, I realize that all sorts of knives saturated the market, however none of them represented the lifestyle, so often exemplified by chef’s all over the world.

Long story short, I realized that there was a gap in the market, saw the need to make a difference, and so I did. Based on my experience, and the opportunity, I decided to take the chance to create a line of chef knives that would stand out and make a difference.

We don’t compromise. We live, breath and eat the lifestyle. We are just like you.

Christian Campogiani
Founder, Anarchy Knives